Sustainability Related Courses

Cal Poly received a gold rating for AASHE ​​​​STARS certification in September 2019. As part of the rating process, STARS recognizes courses that focus on and include sustainability (a.k.a. "sustainability related courses"). Sustainability focused and related courses are designated through a review process by the Academic Senate Sustainability Committee (ASSC). To qualify as related, the course must explicitly teach at least one of the Cal Poly Sustainability Learning Objectives. Sustainability related courses are designated if “Courses that are not explicitly focused on sustainability (may) contribute towards scoring if sustainability has clearly been incorporated into course content.”[1]

Upon release of a new catalog the ASSC will review new course offerings and add the appropriate courses to the list below. If your wish to add a course that is not listed, please complete this onedrive form and email a course syllabus and any other supportive material to

Sorted alphabetically by prefix. Course title is linked to the 2019/20 Catalog Description.


Course Cross Listing TitLe and Link FULFILLS
AEPS 205    Orchard & Vegetable Enterprise Project
AEPS 334    Greenhouse Vegetable Enterprise Project
AEPS 420    Organic Crop Production Systems
ANT 345   Human Behavioral Ecology YES
ANT 402   Nutritional Anthropology
ARCE 106   Introduction to Building Systems
ARCH 101   Survey of Architectural Education and Practice
ARCH 241   Architectural Technology Fundamentals 2.2
ARCH 341   Architectural Systems Integration 3.1
ARCH 342   Architectural Systems Integration 3.3
ARCH 251   Architectural Design 2.1
ARCH 252   Architectural Design 2.2
ARCH 351   Architectural Design 3.1
ARCH 352   Architectural Design 3.2
ARCH 353   Architectural Design 3.3
ASCI 112   Principles of Animal Science YES
ASCI 239   Principles of Rangeland Management
ASCI 372   California Rangeland and Ranch Resource Management
ASCI 465   Applied Practices for Monitoring California Rangelands
BMED 213 BRAE Bioengineering Fundamentals YES
CE 321   Fundamentals of Transportation Engineering
CE 336   Water Resources Engineering
CE 424   Public Transportation
CE 523   Transportation Systems Planning
CM 318   Housing and Communities  YES
COMS 395   Science Communication
CRP 212   Introduction to Urban Planning
CRP 342   Environmental Planning Methods
CRP 404   Environmental Law  
CRP 410   Community Planning Laboratory I
CRP 411   Community Planning Lab II
CRP 442   Housing and Planning
CRP 458   Hazard Mitigation Planning & Resilient Design
CRP 518   Policy Development  
EDES 123   Principles of Environmental Design YES
EDUC 512   Education Organization and Management
EE 413   Advanced Electronic Design
EE 460   Senior Project Preparation
ENVE 325   Air Quality Engineering
ENVE 331   Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering
ENVE 436   Introduction to Solid and Hazardous Waste Management
ENVE 490   Environmental Nanotechnology
ERSC 443   Applied Environmental Contaminant Transport 
FSN 250   Food and Nutrition: Customs and Culture YES
GEOG 150   Introduction to Cultural Geography YES
GEOG 250   Physical Geography  
GEOG 414 ERSC Global and Regional Climatology
GRC 437   Advanced Consumer Packaging  
ITP 341   Packaging Polymers and Processing YES
ITP 415   Supply Chain & Logistics
LA 330   Cultural Landscapes: People, Places and Ethical Decisions
LA 520   Design with Cultural Landscapes
MATE 110   Introduction to Materials Engineering Design I
MATE 120   Introduction to Materials Engineering Design II
MATE 130   Introduction to Materials Engineering Design III
MATE 320   Consumer Energy Guide
MATE 359   Living in a Material World YES
ME 415   Energy Conversion  
ME 450   Solar Thermal Power Systems
NR 306   Natural Resource Ecology and Habitat Management
NR 312   Technology of Wildland Fire Management YES
NR 413   Agricultural Law  
NR 416   Environmental Impact Analysis and Management
NR 422   Stream Measurements and Water Quality Monitoring
NR 425   Applied Resource Analysis and Assessment
PSY 360   Applied Social Psychology
RPTA 302   Environmental and Wilderness Education
SIE 510   Introduction to Systems
SOC 343   Contemporary Societies of the Developing World YES

[1] AASHE STARS Technical Manual

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