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As Cal Poly educates future leaders, the university recognizes the benefits teaching sustainability in the classroom. To fulfill sustainability goals set forth by the 2014 CSU Sustainability Policy, Second Nature Climate Commitment, and AASHE STARS a catalog of sustainability focused and related courses and programs was developed, often referred to as SusCat or the Sustainability Catalog.

The purpose of this digital resource is threefold; to help student find courses and programs that focus on sustainability, to allow faculty to highlight the courses they teach in sustainability, and to track and grow the list of sustainability offerings in Cal Poly academics.

Students wishing to focus their studies on sustainability should use this website as a tool to guide selections of major and minor programs and use the site quarterly to determine course choices.

Courses which teach sustainability in a meaningful way must include at least two of Cal Poly's Sustainability Learning Objectives in their course proposals and syllabus. Instructors wishing to list a course in the Sustainability Catalog should complete this form to begin the review process and email a course syllabus and any other supportive material to suscat@calpoly.edu.

This database is a result of collaboration between the Academic Senate Sustainability Committee, the Academic Programs Office, and the Energy, Utilities and Sustainability department. If you have any questions please email suscat.calpoly.edu

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